Objectives of the event "ASPARA FASHION WEEK TARAZ" :

1. Event "ASPARA FASHION WEEK TARAZ" with the participation of foreign designers, journalists, bloggers and fashion experts;

2. Stimulating the cult of knowledge and consciousness of competitiveness in the global fashion industry among young Kazakh designers;

3. Excursion to places of historical monuments of the city, photo and video shooting of models and guests, advertising of participants in social networks;

4. The implementation of the idea of fashion Week "ASPARA FASHION WEEK TARAZ" in the framework of the Program of modernization of public consciousness;

5. Contributing to the development of the tourism cluster in Taraz and the region as a whole through advertising by foreign and domestic media.


"Objectives of the event ASPARA FASHION WEEK IN UZBEKISTAN" :

1. One of the reason for the international project Aspara Fashion Week in Tashkent is the announcement by the Presidents of the two friendly countries of 2019 – the year Of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the Republic of Uzbekistan;

2. The main goal - is to strengthen friendship between the countries, mutual enrichment of cultures, attraction and promotion of young designers not only from Uzbekistan, but also from the whole Central Asian region and the whole Turkic world. An example of this is the great interest in the project and the offer of information support from the international organization of Turkic culture TURKSOY;

3. Conductions the international project Aspara Fashion Week in Uzbekistan will give a new impetus to the further development of industries in which more women are involved: small and medium-sized businesses, clothing and light industry, handicraft business, tourism and service;

4. To achieve greater effect, the purposes of the fashion Weeks on an International scale as Aspara Fashion Week the important role played by invited guests, bloggers, well-known publications, professional designers;

5. It is advisable to hold an International practical conference within the framework of the fashion week "Eastern woman and fashion" with the participation of representatives of Asian women's Committees, designers and guests of ASPARA FASHION WEEK. Holding a practical conference within the framework of the international fashion week will serve as an example of the organization of the women's movement and will enhance the status of the Women's Committee of Uzbekistan in the global world.


Objectives of the event "ASPARA FASHION WEEK SHYMKENT":

1. Participation famous designers of the world, media persons, representatives of the world famous Italian magazines "VOGUE" and "ELLE", journalists and photographers of the American TV channel FNL NETWORK, fashion-bloggers, as well as Kazakh celebrities;

2. Competition of designers in the style of "Neo-folklore" for the disclosure and development of style, the main feature of which are elements of national costumes from around the world;


For the first time in Taraz from 8 to 12 October, "ASPARA FASHION WEEK TARAZ" was held fashion week with the participation of fashion designers, journalists and fashion experts from Europe and Asia, as well as Kazakh designers, which will symbolize the openness of our consciousness, the possibility of cultural exports and the announcement of our national identity at the international level in the oldest city of Kazakhstan TARAZ.

As a result of the first season of "ASPARA FASHION WEEK", honored guests and experts of the FASHION industry rated Aspara FASHION WEEK as the largest fashion week in Asia and included it in the schedule of world fashion weeks. New York Fashion Week – September 6-14, 2018

  • 1. LONDON FASHION WEEK - September 20-24, 2018
  • 2. MILAN FASHION WEEK - September 18-24, 2018
  • 3. PARIS FASHION WEEK - September 24-October 2, 2018
  • 4. ASPARA FASHION WEEK TARAZ - October 8-11, 2018